CESAB electric order picker O118XP

Machine type Order picker
Extra Standing platform
Capacity (kg) 1800
Lifting height maximum (mm) 980
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Product description

The scissor lift model X-version is ideal for applications where the forks must be raised to working height, for example when picking heavier or larger goods. The P-vesion allows the operator to reach 100 mm platform height to pick on the second level. 

Designed to meet every need of a high-pressure order picking environment, the CESAB O-Series delivers productive, ergonomic and safe warehouse operations. 

Demonstrating quality in both manufacuture and performance, the CESAB O-Series has been built to handle all kinds of tasks at first and second level. 

With load capabilities from 1000 to 2500 kg, the O-Series can work with multiple load carriers and carry high numbers of pallets or roll containers. This means O-Series trucks pick more in each picking round, guaranteeing greater productivity and reduced travel over every shift.

It's fast acceleration and high travel speed mean trucks reach each destination safely and quickly, with less time between each stop. 

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