O110 - O110W

Type machine Orderpicker
Extra Staplatform
Capaciteit (kg) 1000
Hefhoogte maximum (mm) 1880
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Designed to meet every need of a high-pressure order picking environment, the CESAB O-series delivers productive, ergonomic and safe warehouse operations.

Demonstrating quality in both manufacture and performance, the CESAB O-Series has been built to handle all kinds of tasks at first and second level. With load capabilities from 1000 to 2500 kg, the O-Series can work with multiple load carriers and carry high numbers of pallets or roll containers. This means O-Series trucks pick more in each picking round, guaranteeing greater productivity and reduced travel over every shift.

O110 - O110W

These models allow the driver and forks to comfortably pick at height.

The platform lifts up to 1.2m, allowing a picking height of up to approximatively 2.7m. The O110 offers a combined fork and platform lift that allows a total lift height of 1.8m.

The W-version has no barrier, which enables the handling of bulky goods.


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