JLG EC450AJ Electric Boom Lift 15,72m

Motor Electric
Forklift accessories Non-marking tyres (white)
Machine type (1) Aerial work platform
Type All terrain
Working height (m) max: 16
Range (m) max: 8

Product description

Enhance the Sustainability of your Operations with the JLG EC450AJ Electric Boom Lift

In the modern business environment, sustainability is becoming increasingly important, especially concerning emission standards and efficiency. If you are looking for a boom lift that not only meets these standards but also provides the versatility to elevate your operations to new heights, the JLG EC450AJ electric boom lift with a Lithium-Ion battery is the ideal choice.

With an impressive height of 15.72 meters, the JLG EC450AJ boom lift offers the opportunity to work at heights that were previously hard to reach. Whether it's for maintenance work, construction projects, or other applications, this boom lift enables you to work efficiently and safely at significant heights.

Environmentally Friendly Performance thanks to the Lithium-Ion Battery

The JLG EC450AJ boom lift is not only powerful but also environmentally friendly due to advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology. This battery offers low emissions and a reduced ecological footprint, making it an excellent choice for companies committed to sustainability. Furthermore, the battery provides longer usage hours and fewer interruptions, resulting in increased productivity for your team.

Driving on Rough Terrain

The versatility of the JLG EC450AJ boom lift is further enhanced by its ability to navigate rough terrain. Whether you are working on construction sites, in warehouses with uneven floors, or in other challenging environments, this boom lift offers the maneuverability and stability necessary to get the job done.

Professional Maintenance at Joris Van Dijck Heftrucks in Herentals

To ensure that your JLG EC450AJ boom lift always remains in top condition and delivers the expected performance, you can rely on the expert maintenance services at Joris Van Dijck Heftrucks in Herentals. Our qualified technicians are ready to maintain your boom lift and carry out any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, allowing your operations to proceed smoothly.

Choose the JLG EC450AJ electric boom lift with a Lithium-Ion battery and improve the sustainability and efficiency of your operations. Contact Joris Van Dijck Heftrucks in Herentals today for more information and discover how this boom lift can propel your business to new heights.


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